Our Mission


Ensuring that our Campuses are Safe and Secure

Since April of 2007, universities and colleges, all over the United States and overseas, have reviewed their safety and security emergency plans. Many state legislatures addressed gaps in mental health and reviewed privacy laws. More needs to be done, at the local, state and federal levels. VTV is committed to advocating for legislation that will ensure safety on our campuses and enacting and/or supporting programs that will address issues that contribute to violence such as bullying and mental health. The safety of our college students begins when children are young and we wish to help change a culture to a more caring, compassionate one.

Care for the Survivors, their Families and the Families of Those who might Die in Future Campus Tragedies

It is VTV’s fervent hope and wish that no family experience a tragedy on the scale of April 16. Unfortunately, since April 16, 2007, students have died tragic deaths on our campuses all over the country and internationally. Some of our survivors have already visited with other students impacted by campus tragedy. VTV intends to offer guidance and solace to survivors and family members left behind in these campus tragedies. We will respect the wishes of survivors and victims’ families, but will be available if we are needed.

Care for the April 16 Survivors, their Families and the Families of the Deceased

VTV is sensitive to, and wishes to care for the injured, their families and the families left behind. VTV is committed to assisting survivorsand family members in all aspects of their lives should they need it. Such assistance includes, but is not limited to, acting as a conduit between individuals and government agencies, comforting those who are ill or hospitalized, arranging tutors or educational support, assisting with resumes, job applications and career guidance, and facilitating services that survivors and family members may require.

Creating a Living Legacy

Each of the survivors, their family members and the families who lost loved ones chose to to live life to its fullest. They recognize they had a choice and their choice is to create a more beautiful world, one in which their loved ones will be honored through art, athletics and charitable works. VTV has many projects and ideas to remember the lives lost so that their name and life will be remembered for who they were, not for how they died.