Crisis Response

Responding with experienced care


VT-candle-600x600As part of the VTV Family Outreach Foundation’s mission and strategic plan, VTV established an outreach Crisis Response Team (CRT). VTV family and staff members were trained by the National Organization of Victims Assistance in victims’ advocacy and assistance in response to school shootings.

Our Crisis Response Team provides assistance, upon request, to the victims of incidents of mass school violence and similar tragedies. We offer support where we feel we can relate and truly help victims, families, teachers, staff and their connected community.

History of Caring Support

In the aftermath of a school shooting tragedy, the Chardon High School community in Chardon, Ohio reached out to VTV for assistance in helping the victims, survivors, their families and school administrators. And, upon request from the Chardon School Communications Director, VTV sent a VT survivor to personally assist meeting with two students and their moms.

VTV representatives visited and continue to support the Sandy Hook Elementary School Community of Newtown, Connecticut.

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